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The Guardian: “Fakistra” is among the best beaches in the world

The National British daily newspaper “The Guardian”, in one of its recent publications, presents the 50 Best Beaches in the world divided in the following categories: the most impressive beaches, the best beaches in Europe destined for families, the most beautiful beaches in Britain, the most appropriate beaches for backpackers, the remotest and the wildest ones, the best for sports, the closest beaches to big cities.

The Fakistra beach in Pelion comes 7th in the list of the 50 Best Beaches in the world and more specifically belongs to the category of the most impressive beaches in the world. As stated, this very beach is more of a cove than a beach, backed by cliffs and dense woods, with white sands and pebbles and clear blue waters. Fakistra is located on the Pelion peninsula (mainland Greece), below Tsagarada village. It is a steep walk down but it’s the sort of place that, apart from in July and August, you may well have to yourself.

The choice of “The Guardian” to include “Fakistra” in the list of the 50 Best Beaches in the world is certainly not accidental. This fabulous pebble Pelion beach with its turquoise waters, without beach umbrellas, chaises longues, showers, little souvenir shops, cars or noise is nestled in a tiny east Pelion bay near Tsagarada village surrounded by lush greenery. Fakistra, “unknown” to most people, treasures its secrets for those who love the simple, beautiful, unique things. Among these secrets is the cave of Panagia Megalomata, with stalactites hanging from its ceiling, located on the northern part of the beach. Close to this cave there is another one which is actually a small chapel and during the period of the Ottoman domination used to be a “secret school” (kryfo Scholio). The natural beauty of the area is enhanced both by the amazing waterfall lying behind the beach and the green trails leading to Ntamouchari and Agios Ioannis.

This summer discover the secrets of the Fakistra beach!!!

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