trikala potami A beautiful modern town with rich history. It is built at the same place where ancient Tricca used to exist and which was known since Homer's time. It is considered to be the home town of Asclipios, father of medicine.

Trikala is a contemporary, financial, cultural and touristic centre that provides very good car and rail connections with the most important cities of Greece.

It is the ideal place for short holidays, tours and business meetings. Litheos River, a priceless natural gem, with plenty of water, crosses the town. It also has a modern street planning, comfortable pedestrian roads, spacious squares and all sorts of places for entertainment.

The town of Trikala displays a great variety of monuments and sights worth visiting, like Asclipiion, an ancient healing place, the Castle of the Town, Kursum Tzami (a mosque), the old fashionable quarter "Varousi" with the imposing houses of rich people and the metabyzantine churches, the Museum of Folk Tradition.


Pili - Elati - Pertouli - Aspropotamos

This is a route through the mountainous Pindos with panoramic views, indescribable natural beauty, stunning forests and the crystal clear waters of Aspropotamos. There are organized lodgings every season. The area is decorated with monuments of great value, such as Porta Panagia (1283 AD), with its unique mosaics, the Monastery of Dousiko, the Stone Arch Bridge of Pili - the Monastery of Doliana.


Meteora - Kalambaka - Kastraki

meteora 3
Meteora. One of the most important monuments in the world, protected by UNESCO, the most important one in Thessaly. The most remarkable Monastic Center in Greece after Holy Mount Athos.

In the 11th century, the first hermits came on the untrodden peaks of the imposing rocks and built the Skiti (hermitage) of Doupiani. In the 14th century, Saint Athanasios Meteoritis formed the first organized monastic community on the rock of Megalo Meteoro. Twenty-four monasteries, many cells and hermitages flourished, spread to all the rocks for more than 600 years.

Today, only the monasteries of the Megalo Meteoro, Varlaam, Agia Triada, Agios Stefanos, Rousanou and Agios Nikolaos Anapafsas still exist and are in use. Every day, countless visitors gather here from the four corners of the world to meditate and pray. They get to know the life of the monks, admire the indescribable nature and the artistic architecture and iconography, and study the invaluable historic remains.

Kalambaka stretches out before them with the historic church of Maria's Ascension and Katsraki. Picturesque places, hospitable people, rich cultural life and modern tourist facilities. Luxury hotels for the organization of conferences and stay, rooms to let, campings, restaurants with traditional cuisine, select bites, pure feta cheese, local wine and tsipouro welcome the various visitors each season, offering a real enjoyment and pleasure.


Getting to know Pindos

Not far away from Trikala, Pyli and Kalambaka, Pindos is the most imposing Greek mountain, that gets dressed with different colors every season.

Well-known villages are spread all around, rooted on the ever-green mountain sides and near the innumerable springs of the tributaries of Acheloos and Pineios. All of them are beautiful, picturesque, traditional, hospitable and are connected with recently constructed roads, through indescribable natural landscapes: Elati, Pertouli Neraidochori, Kastania, all the villages of Aspropotamos, villages of Mesochora and Chasia. They all have modern and traditional hotels, lodgings and rooms fully equipped for all times. They always provide you with local cheese, meat, vegetables, fruits, wine and ouzo, envied for their excellent quality. Their visitors get the chance to enjoy there a long holiday or an excursion.

In summertime, Pindos becomes a huge resort. Its visitors enjoy the cool climate, the fresh air, the cold water of the springs, the traditional fests and "panigyria" (religious fests), the unique natural beauties.

pindos On Pertouli, there are many opportunities for fishing in Acheloos, riding, mountain cycling and airathletics; walking on every mountain, hiking in the shadowy paths of Koziakas with the organized resorts and the view of the Thessalic plain. People go climbing on Avgo, Marosa, every peak, steep gorge and imposing rock, and lead their kayaks in the violent waters of Aspropotamos, Acheloos, Pinios, Portaikos. There is plenty of snow in winter and the visitors enjoy its beauty. They ski and walk in the frozen pista of Pertouli, under the blue sky, enjoying also the view from the inside of their warm resort.

On Koziakas, one can find the most important organised hunting area with systematic breeding of games. Whenever the hunting period comes, hunters from all four corners of Greece and abroad, arrive here and run up and down on every slope and gorge.

The cultural activities in the prefecture of Trikala are several and remarkable. The variety they present is special and keeps the interest of visitors undiminished.

Concerts with important Greek artists are organized in closed and open-air spaces and exhibitions of works of art, photography, handicrafts and works of general cultural interest take place.

In the Museum of Folk Tradition in Trikala, a visitor can come in direct contact with the traditional clothing, the woolen woven fabrics and various objects from the history and culture of our area.

The famous "panigyria" take place in villages of the plain and people enjoy themselves there in their own way. They sing and dance the folk songs that they so much like.

Folk bands and local dancing groups with traditional dresses take part in folklore events. The visitors enjoy the spectacle and quite often have a good time by participating, as well.

Prefecture of Trikala is a beautiful place, a perfect combination of mountain and plain.

The climate is superb. The blue sky and bright sun dominate, but that does not mean that there are no cool days in summertime or snowy days in wintertime at Pindos.

Everyday, the open-air markets are provided with fresh vegetables, sweet fruits, sweet wines, delicious feta cheese, all of which are produced here in modern and traditional ways.

People are simple, quiet, warm-hearted, hospitable. They work tirelessly on the mountains or in the plain, always willing to help.

Visitors enjoy the countless beauties and the local delicious food, go sightseeing, entertain themselves, rest, make friends with the locals and return to their countries, with many pleasant experiences and memories.