limnh2Karditsa Prefecture, the prefecture of the three lakes (Nikolaos Plastiras, Smokovo and Stefaniada Lakes) combines the element of water with the serene beauty of Thessaly plain and the majestic landscapes of Agrafa.

The capital, Karditsa, is located 290 km from Athens, 215 km from Thessaloniki, 56 km from Larissa and 25 km from Trikala. It is a modern city with large squares, the "Pafsilipo" Park, an extensive network of cycle paths and remarkable cultural infrastructures.

25 km west of Karditsa, at an altitude of approximately 800m., at Nevropolis plateau, lies the beautiful Plastiras Lake, which attracts thousands of visitors. The route around the lake (60 kms) is magnificent all year round, giving the opportunity to visitors to enjoy a unique and constantly changing landscape. The villages around the lake present a remarkable tourist infrastructure, while Tavropos Dam is also quite impressive.

The northwestern part of the county is occupied by the areas of Mouzaki, Argithea and the river. The area of Argithea covers most of the mountainous area of the county. Its main characteristics are the high mountains, the lush vegetation, the vast alpine meadows, the abundant water, the scattered religious monuments and the ornate stone bridges.

The south-east part of the county is beautiful and "healing", including several archaeological sites and the vast ecological park formed by Tavropos and its tributaries. The area of Smokovo, in particular, is rich in mineral resources, the most important of which are Smokovo Baths, while the Baths of Kaitsa-Dranista are also worth visiting.

In this rich "healing environment", Lake Smokovo was recently added. Its construction has completely changed the landscape, while the creating of modern infrastructure along its perimeter has contributed decisively to further tourism development.

Moni PelekitisDuring summer, the widely known "Festival of the Lakes" take place in Nikolaos Plastiras and Smokovo Lakes.

There is a large number and a variety of attractions in the city of Karditsa, as well as the rest of the area: various museums and collections, archaeological sites open to public, remarkable Byzantine & Post-Byzantine monasteries, stone bridges, traditional villages, Environmental Education Centers, the Educational Forest of Mpelokomitis, the Botanical Garden of Neochori, the aesthetic forest of Mavrommati, Karaiskakis Cave, "Karamanoli" mountain lodge, "Dryades" forest village, ecological paths etc.

The area offers many alternative activities in nature: horse riding, cycling, archery and other sports in Nikolaos Plastiras lake, canyoning and climbing at Mega Rema (near Mouzaki) and hung gliding at Ellinopyrgos and Porti.

The traditional festivals that take place in various villages during summer present a great interest for tourists.