Landing fees

Landing fees:

Landing fees are calculated according to the maximum takeoff weight measured in metric tons according to the following table:

up to 10tns:         11,50 EURO 
From 10 to 25:     11,50 EURO (1,14/ton)
From 25 to 50:     28,70 EURO (1,43/ton)
From 50 to 65:     64,42 EURO (1,61/ton)
From 65 to 80:     88,83 EURO (1,64/ton)
From 80 to 150:   113,49 EURO (1,61/ton)
From 150 tol 300: 208,87 EURO (1,64/ton)

Landing fees of EU Member State private aircrafts:

Fees are calculated according to the following table, provided that their weight does not exceed 5,7 tons:

Up to 2 tons 2,93 EURO 
From 2 to 5,7 tons 5,87 EURO


The above fees are increased by 40% for landings / takeoffs at night. (Night means a period of 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise).

During the months of June through September and landings between 1100 to 1700 hours, landing fees are increased by 25%. 




Fees in EURO

Up to 10 tons:

From 10 to 50:

From 50 to 100:

From 100 to 200:

Up to 200 tons:

C =  0,28 for each hour parking.

C =  WxTx0,027

C =  WxTx0,034

C =  WxTx0,041

C=   WxTx0,048 

Εxplanation of Symbols:

C =  Total charges

W = M.T.O.W
T  = The number of hours beyond 2

during which the aircraft remained

grounded are calculated

immediately after landing time. 



Exemptions from payment of landing and parking fees

All aircraft belonging to recognized Aeroclubs of a Member-State of the European Union are exempt from the payment of fees, provided that their weight does not exceed 5.7 tons.


Customer service fees

For passengers whose final destination is airports in Greece, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the European Union:


For passengers travelling to airports outside the European Union:


General Exceptions:

The crews of the aircraft. The transit-transfer passengers.